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From Bedridden to Hiking I Healed
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Published: 6 years ago

From Bedridden to Hiking I Healed

Update 2/10/2021
I posted the below story about 5 years ago and wanted to edit it. Last year I had another episode and have done alot of research about what is causing my anxiety. Keep in mind 6 years ago during my horrible debilitating anxiety I had gone to a hormone specialist who didn't know what was wrong with me. Then I went to an integrative doctor who also specializes in hormones and have seen her the last 6 years. I did hormone test and tested low in hormones but they wanted me to do more testing at in for Lyme and other things. So quit by accident I started eating more soy off and on. I looked at my old tests. Bingo the answer was so simple I was very low in estrogen. The low estrogen made me incredible sick and unable to tolerate a lot of things and caused the symptoms I described below. Estrogen helps with serotonin and digestion.

From 5 years ago:
I used to lurk on CZ years ago because I had some adrenals problems. What I really should have done is fix my thyroid but live and learn. Anyway I was actually doing better over the years until within a matter of a month I was pretty much house bound. I was having work stress and stress from two of our dogs fighting. I then started going through peri-menapause and was feeling kinda off. I went to a hormone doctor to get things straightened out. They gave me hormones and I took a tiny bit and it completely debilitated me. My thyroid wasn't right so my body could not handle it and the stress I was going through had worn me down over time. This all seemed to happen at once but it was years in the making.

I went into fight or flight I started have panic attacks multiple times a day. I started having, sensitivities to supplements, hair loss, cold extremities, night sweats, chronic sleep problems, massive digestive issues, tingling, gurd, Weird sensations in my head, felt like I was in a daze like brain fog, memory loss, hives, and MCS. I couldn't go anywhere because the noise, the lights the activity would be too much for my brain to handle. I couldn't look at a band aid without freaking out. I thought I was going to die. I lost 18lbs. I became obsessed with Googling symptoms, which at the time made me worse because it added to the stress. What I know now' but did not know then, is that my limbic system was becoming damage from all the stress that used up my bodies resources like minerals, amino acids and B vitamins. My thyroid wasn't up to handling all the stress and I found myself so sick I thought I was going to die. I couldn't do much at all and I was so scared.

I had an alternative doctor at the time that was at her wits in with me. She happened to hear about a program that a couple of her other patients with MCS and symptoms like mine had stumbled upon and were having progress with. I started the program because I was so desperate. What is program was about was brain retraining. I had damage my brain in a way through chronic stress. My out of kilter hormones and stress from starting to get sick magnified that brain damage and sent me into a downward spiral. I had to work very hard to reverse my brain out of that fight or flight path and back into normal life. I won't lie it took a lot of work and it was hard hard work. As I did the brain retraining I saw my mind go from a very dark place back into the light again. When I finally could take supplements I started focusing on amino acids. That was another piece of the puzzle. Stress depletes our amino acids that our body uses to combat stress and keep us calm. It took me a little under a year to build up my amino acids again.

It took me a year and a half to completely heal my brain and body. I no longer have anxiety. I don't take anti depressants. I have completely recover and my huge list of symptoms have disappeared. I have gained weight back and I hike, bike and do kettlebell work out. Limbic system impairments are connected to AF, CFS, MCS and PTSD. Not alot of doctors are talking about this and you have to really look to find the information. I was incredibly lucky that my doctor had know about it. I am posting this hoping that it will help someone out there. Anyone going through mental stress, a physical illness coupled with emotional stress, mold exposure, head trauma, can have this happen to them.

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