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Re: Cotton ball with legs?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Cotton ball with legs?

surprisingly, No: it's so frustrating- she just gave me Albendazole. Basically when she saw the jar she was like "that's Not food" (& knowing that I'd been on clear liquids for 2+ weeks + they came out Clean & alone) & I asked her "is it part of my Body?" and she said "that's not part of human physiology" and she sent them in for a "worm ID" which came back inconclusive / "unknown" - which in some ways confirmed it for me bc if it was just food or something, I'm sure they'd of easily said it's food. I've just given up on standard medical treatment for parasites bc it's So counterintuitive and actually illogical- they still haven't figured out What species I have, they've given me a single double-dose of Albendazole (so 2 days worth) which only kills Adult Ascaris & other round worms (& the think I know For Sure I have is flukes which I also had in the jar w/the cotton balls w/legs- she ID'd the flukes by eye: bc my flukes Weren't the "tomato skins" alot of people post- mine came out Perfect, in tact, just like a photo on Google, u can clearly see their internal GI structures, their 'sucker' on one side; some come out red & after a few days in alcohol, get drained of all color; and some come out grey (I think these must have been dead for longer?).... I'll try to post a pic of the newest solid 'beans with legs' - I have them in a jar w/alcohol as well, just haven't taken a pic yet & I'm about the leave the house so I"ll try to post that when I get back. Honestly I don't know why I even keep them- I guess hoping that Someday, someone will find out what they are. I'm having a Capsule Endoscopy next week but again I have no hope unless I get the footage so I can look at it & take it to other specialists so at least I'll know & I can take it to someone who knows More. Bc my doctors at Stanford seem So Unknowledgeable about this: at first, I didn't even know they were parasites- I'd taken some herbs for GI/candida cleansing b4 I started real actual para cleansing - I thought I had candida or some dysbiosis issue; when these things came out, I actually thought they were part of my Body; so I took them into my internist who said they were more likely some type of parasite but said she wasn't an expert on it so She referred me to infectious disease and a GI doctor; but Then they made me go through a psych screening for parasitosis before they'd even see me (even though the idea that I had parasites didn't originate in My Mind, it was bc my doctor told me that's what she thought) which they realized I Didn't have (& I brought in more jars of samples & was just like "I don't care What these are, I just want Someone to figure out What is coming out of my body & why I'm so sick"). And, then they did more tests & gave me this Albendazole dose (which is Only 17% effective & only against roundworms) & was like "problem over". I've had to Fight to get this capsule endoscopy- and I'm sure my GI dr will only glance at it for like 15 seconds and just be like "everything's fine, whatever" {& I've had pretty serious GI issues for 3 yrs that everyone's just said is "IBS" which I don't even believe is a real 'disease'- I think it just means they don't Know- esp since there are so many different types of IBS that seem to be totally different things that all get classified as the Same thing} .... So, yeah, I'm looking into other options for medical care (like Integrative Health doctors who r like real medical doctors who look at it from a Whole Body approach- that all the systems Aren't separate & look at your nutrition & everything...) but my insurance doesn't cover them so I"ll have to pay put of pocket. Just because I've been sick now for 3 yrs & getting worse and worse & everything started @the same time: I started having serious GI issues, a month later I stopped getting my period for no reason, then my white blood cell count dropped way below range (& has been dropping steadily since 2014) & just alot of other abnormalities in my blood tests + just like Not feeling like myself, no energy (& I used to be a Super high energy person), just feeling Sick everyday for 3 yrs; and I've had Every test, exploratory procedure, etc. and No One can figure out Why my stomach/GI is like this, why I don't have my period (when they did the sonogram then the exploratory hysteroscopy, they said that everything looked Fine & there was No Reason I didn't have my period & it must be stress which I don't believe) or Why my WBC count is so low {& now I'm anemic and low vit D too} & they're just like "whatever" --And, u have to see all separate specialists who tell u this is 3 Different Problems-- but to Me, this all started at the Same time- I think it's All connected & there's a Root Cause of all of this (or at least One thing that started the domino effect of all these health problems) ; to me these are all red flags that Something is Wrong. This is what lead me down the road to trying to do detoxifying things like coffee enemas, eating a Super Super healthy clean diet, supplements & herbs, etc. but I feel like it's all shots in the dark until I know exactly what's wrong bc i'm just guessing. When I found these things (the cotton balls w/legs & flukes & other stuff that came out w/the GI & para herbs) & thought "omg, Maybe This is the Answer!" just bc reading about the effects of parasite infestation, all these 'mysterious' things that are happening to me (GI issues/IBS- either constipation or diarrhea but Never normal bm's, no period/hormonal imbalance, no energy, brain fog, low WBC count & vitamin D, being hungry All the Time & I eat & eat and still loose weight, insomnia, teeth grinding+ drooling in bed & itchy anus that All Started at the same time 3 yrs ago) seemed to make sense I thought Finally I might be able to solve my health issues by getting rid of whatever parasites I have. But, I don't know: It's been 2 months of parasite cleansing now, and I just got alot out yesterday in my Coffee-Enema so I don't know if it'll ever end sometimes (& I still haven't taken my Albendazole: since it's really Good at killing eggs of many diff types of species, I was going 2 save it, kill as many adults as I can, do the Hulda Clark 'mop up' procedure, then do the Albendazole as Final 'mop-up'). That's why I've looked into other medical routes; there's a sort of famous dr in SF (I live in silicon valley) who specializes in medical mysteries & finding underlying nutritional imbalances who I'm thinking of seeing (or at least for his recommended 2 sessions + blood tests- basically to see him initially w/all my med records, tests, etc., then go get some rlly specialized blood panels for micronutrients & other stuff, then see him again to go over the results & make a full plan of supplements, diet, lifestyle, Everything basically to get back on track to health & balancing the body & reversing deficiencies. Because, I've also read that If you have parasites, you have them because there was some Underlying Imbalance in your body that made u susceptible to them & made your body hospitable to them where they wanted to live. And, I've been a high raw vegan/no processed food/no sugar, etc. for over 2 yrs now- basically since i got sick [but I eat Tons of fats bc of the hormonal prob], I'll only occasionally supplement w/grass-fed bone broth is I feel depleted or can only do clear liquids bc of my stomach] but even so it's not enough- something's up in my body that makes it an attractive place 4 parasites to live. And, I've read than until you sort out the underlying Imbalance in your body, that they're Really Hard to get rid of 100%. And, it's sort of like a chicken & the egg type situation w/some of this stuff, like my low white blood cell count: are they low Because I have parasites (it's actually the Neutrophils in specific that r the most low) ? Or, did I get parasites Because my WBCs were low & my body couldn't fight it off? I Don't know- but I feel like until these underlying things are sorted out, I'm not sure how effective killing them w/herbs & such is-
I always feel Great for a few days after a 'big kill'- after I see alot of them in the toilet - I feel like my old self, get energy, etc.; yet, days or a week later, I'll feel bad again & all my bad GI problems are back, the fatigue & brain fog is back; which makes me think, I'm Never killing them all... So, I've been thinking of seeing this other dr in SF, But, I'll have to pay over $1000 out of pocket & i'm a student who's not working right now; but I think it might be the solution to me getting well & back on the road to health & vitality. Bc it's rlly been hell these last 3 yrs- besides the symptoms, just knowing you're Not healthy & it's getting Worse day by day, year by year yet having No Idea what's wrong & having No One looking for what's wrong.

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