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Everyone I know says Iím trippin

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Densmon13 Views: 804
Published: 4 years ago

Everyone I know says Iím trippin

Here are my symptoms . Can anyone help? Anyone know what this could be? Iíve been suffering for almost two years now. Started with what I thought was a bug bite on my neck at my jaw just below my left ear. I now believe this bug bite is an entry point for something as it itches severely at times and Iíve removed whitish rubbery rolled up worm looking things and things that look like oats that fall out in clumps but then separate when they hit the shower floor. possibly eggsacs?Iíve had rashes and swelling on my neck on and off. Recently my head and neck began weeping a foul smelling clear to light amber colored watery liquid which sometimes will leave a small amount of creamy yellow orange stuff or greasy black stuff on the towel I use to soak up the fluid . I feel pulling in my teeth when I am soaking up the fluid on top and back of my head . My jaw aches sometimes and have pimples all under my chin and neck and around my mouth . I had a bump filled with Tiny white looking worm things barely visible to the eye above my left ear but is pretty much gone. My eyes are swollen a lot of times , more recently I have had swelling and weeping all over my body but mostly in my arms (which get vbright red and sting )and my thighs which seems to have calmed down a bit over last two days. I have a cough and chest congestion and I believe I have eggs or larvae in my sputum . I sometimesget random long skinny scratches on back of shoulders abdomen and back . And sometimes feel like something bit me or pricked me. I have been clenching my jaw so hard . In the beginning of this I would sometimes weep white stringy stuff from my fingersThereís been so many different weird things going on with me. But everyone I know says Iím tripping . Please help and thank you

I would like to add that about three months ago I had what felt like sand in my scalp and a large raised area which covered left top and side of head and back of head. The raised area and the sand is gone but I Continue to have a sticky substance come out of my scalp which makes styling or even brushing almost impossible. I use zero styling products yet after brushing my hair there is always whitish gray fuzzy stuff wrapped around the bristles. I have severe constipation , I have to take laxatives to go. A lot of mucus and tiny brown specs in toilet and seems to be all over bathroom and sheets sometimes. I had a s shape on my back of right shoulder made up of bumps accompanied by unimaginable itching of the neck and dry patch under ear. . Looked as if something was leaking from my ear and settling on or irritating my neck. edema in arms and underarms. Lower Spine pops like bubble wrap everytime I move and hip pain . Swelling in lower back hip area on each side of spine with drainage of smelly fluid . extreme fatigue and muscle weakness. Bladder leakage when I cough or laugh sometimes on and off. When I rinse in the shower sometimes it feels as if something is trying to cling on as it is rinsed down my body and it sometimes feels as if something is in skin behind both knees as they get swollen and itchy . I think thatís all the symptoms. I donít go anywhere anymore and I miss having a life .

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