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Update/edit...92910/all... and finally, it comes to this. +edit
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Published: 13 years ago
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Update/edit...92910/all... and finally, it comes to this. +edit

Update/Edit - Miss H has informed me that there's no need for me to delete (what I feel) are the erroneous & insulting words of 92910...whether she's willing to put her real name behind her words/posts or not. I vigorously applaud Miss H and commend her decision. Exposing 'darkness' is always better than hiding it (imo), and in this case (once again) Miss H's Light is radiating victoriously.

I hope you'll all join me in sending love & forgiveness to 92910...and please take any negativity that has come your way in this situation, transform it into Love and give it back to Curezone. ---Unyquity


I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do now, or what I'm going to do (as a forum moderator, forum owner, real person and/or healing coach/adviser). I'll likely decide as I'm composing this post.

It's a great sadness, that people "defending the ego & reputation of a personality/illusion created on an internet forum" causes pain & hurt to very real people in very real's not only a great sadness, it's also a great stupidity.

And that 92910 (a regular poster that would apparently never be this disruptive & accusatory with her "normal" personality/illusion & ego) should enter into a thread and change the focus of a major healing victory (of any very real person) from joy & victory and blessed information to inspire and assist others, to the complete opposite, is more than sad. That 92910 did this by attacking, accusing, name calling and spewing vomitus untruths about Miss H earns her my personal pity & prayers.

Of course, all the while, the PTB and 'forces of evil' are laughing their asses off.

Decision made: I perceive that 92910, hiding behind an anonymous ID, (particularly when her real ID/personality is MUCH different in demeanor & reputation), is attempting a "KKK type lynching" of someone that is totally innocent of the accusations being made...and this cannot be stood for by those of doing our best to walk in the Light & Truth.

92910, if you want any of your posts in this thread to remain visible, then take off your hood and edit/change your posts in this thread to your real User ID. If the malicious words & accusations of 92910 are not 'real' enough to you, for you to risk & sacrifice the 'ego & reputation' your 'real' ID to post them publicly...then NO ONE should have to stand for having their real User ID, reputation, & healing efforts & testimony attacked by a gutless number.

I will be deleting your posts from this thread if they're not changed to your real User ID before I go to bed (around 4am CST).

Edit - btw, I, and several other DO have very real proof of who you actually are - if you continue bashing and disrupting this thread & Miss H, there is a very good likelihood that I (or someone else) will decide to pull off your hood and reveal who you really are.



P.S. No matter what 92910's decision, if this thread continues to degrade with posts that violate CZ TOS, I reserve the right to delete the thread from 92910's first post, or delete the thread in it's entirety.

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