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Whack Candida first, use DHEA/KETO-7 form for anxiety. Folate/B-12 & Fish Oil w/no mercury great, too!

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Published: 12 years ago
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Whack Candida first, use DHEA/KETO-7 form for anxiety. Folate/B-12 & Fish Oil w/no mercury great, too!

DHEA/KETO-7 form is an over-the-counter Adrenal hormone that will not turn into other forms of hormones, great for women who don't want lower voices or more hair...Test for Adrenal Collapse by taking cheaper DHEA in 5-10 mg. dose when anxious. Feeling better 20 minutes later? Invest in KETO-7 form and take as needed. Folate plus B-12 is great, as is Fish Oil w/no mercury. This is good maintenance regime but for fast acting results, try DHEA, and get on anti-Candida protocol.

Migraines can be associated with inflamed sinuses referring pain to the brain. That can be Candida...Or it could be acid pH laying down Calcium on nerve endings in nose. Eat lots of Celery, drink Celery juice to remove trash Calcium irritating nerve endings. And whack back the CANDIDA!

Undecylenic Acid, available on the internet, is a powerful Candida killer. A less powerful Candida killer is Caprylic Acid, great as antifungal in shoes, on carpets, and available as "Capril" in health food stores. Caprylic Acid is linked with minerals is very mild. Take Undecylenic Acid or Caprylic Acid daily for a week or ten days; then three days on and four days off; then once weekly as a maintenance dose, or as needed especially when eating carbs.

Pantethine will wipe out the brain-numbing, tissue-eating toxic by-product of Candidiasis, Acetaldehyde. Pantethine will also lower cholesterol, and is available under the trade name "Cholesteril." Stools may be slightly loose when first used as trash fats are eliminated from the body.

Silver Colloid for mucus membranes helps whack Candida, and can be used on the scalp. Silver Colloid may also be taken internally 1-2 oz. daily for a week, then three on four off; then weekly or as needed. Repair G.I. tract with friendly bacteria. Spray silver colloid on furnace/AC filter to kill mold. Make your own using 3 9V batteries red-to-black with alligator clips on free red and black end. Then get CC Silver&Gold to send 12" of pure .9999 14 gauge fine silver wire. Cut in two, keep parallel and not touching (holes in wee wood stick 3/8" apart helps to hold over water) insert in distilled water, hook up batteries with rig top out of water, cook 1/2 hour and drink or spray in sinuses or environment. Store 9V carefully to avoid fire from sparks.

R-Lipoic Acid, more bio-available than Alpha Lipoic Acid/ALA should be taken after Candida has been whacked back to help repair gut lining/Leaky Gut. Drink water 1/2 hour before eating to build up mucus membrane in gut. Then take R-Lipoic Acid before eating. Stretching out the days is more important than high doses all at once.

Eating bananas is safe as banana Sugar will no feed Candida. Using Erythritol Sugar will kill Candida and other bacteria as a five-carbon sugar. Ditto Xylitol but in large doses can cause diarrhea. Eliminate sugars and fake sugars from the diet. Avoid sugary fruits and vegetables like peaches and corn and potatoes. Do not eat yeast breads or beer as they contain yeast food. GBU!


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