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Re: My iodine journey begins today.
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: My iodine journey begins today.

Wombat, thank you so much for take the time to responding. i sincerely appreciate it. i should have mentioned i was off gluten, but i just didnt think of it, sorry about that.

I have been off gluten completely for almost 2 years. i was having these horrible pains below my liver area. i thought for sure it was a kidney stone because it seemed like the pain moved around. it was excrutiating(sp?). after trying some at home remedies for stones that did not work, i broke down and went to urgent care. they took an xray and found i was impacted with feces in my intestines, so dr sent me home to get some mag citrate. well, i got better for a few days, then here comes the pain again. i was talking to my mother on the phone and she says, have you ever thought it might be gluten. i was desperate, so the next day i went gluten free, in ONE day i started feeling better, in a few days it was all gone. been gluten free ever since.

Yes, i am doing an Elimination Diet at we speak(i am trying to also stay on paleo/ traditional foods diet, i dont eat any sweets, no junk, just all traditional foods, high fat, medium protein, low carb, only drink water, i am a complete health nut now). however, I am doing it backwards. I started with what i know doesnt cause me heartburn, and thats raw milk. i have added nuts, raw eggs and few other things. anything pan fried gives me heartburn, red meat give me horrible heartburn, the worst! i have been on ppi's for around 20 years, and i am done with them. i rather die off of ppi's,, then die because of them and thats what i feel like was happening because i am severely malnurished on many vitamins and minerals. i can take massive amounts of mag citrate because i am so lacking it. my body grabs onto it so hard now. i have been off the ppi's for 2 months now, its been a struggle but i am making it. i pray to God that Iodine will be the answer for my GERD. i have tried to add an HCL acid supplement thinking i might be low acid, but holy cow, it gives me intense heartburn. i have tried most everything that has been suggested online, but no great help yet. i am doing d-limonene now and it does seem to help a bit though, but not much. before i stopped the ppi's my digestion system had pretty much shut down, it wouldnt move. i would go for days without being able to go to the bathroom, then i would have to dose up on dr schulzes #1. now, i can go 2-3 times a day. this is already a miracle to me. now if i could just kick this GERD. i have researched massively on this, 100's of hours. and still no solid answers. i think i actually might make too much acid, instead of not enough. or, my LES is completely wrecked and doesnt work. i have had barium tests as a kid and they said my LES doesnt work and lets stuff back up. so maybe they are right. :( its very depressing and disheartning, but i press on. i am not gonna give up.

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