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Re: Gallstones and liver flush
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Gallstones and liver flush

Fresh fruit:

ripe bananas, coconuts (the water mostly), oranges, grapes, watermelon, dates, rice, potatos.  After I did liver flushing I could add back in some wheat because food tolerances dissipate, but I minimize that to a "sometimes" food.

I am vegan and eat low fat like 10% of total calories, I have to have over 2000 or some symptoms can linger back in, like fatigue, etc.

I was on thyroid meds for hypoT, and was low cortisol on tests.  This was many years ago, so don't remember what times of day it was low, sorry.  I follow a Raw Till 4 or aka 80/10/10 diet for the last 5 years.  I was hypoglycemic my whole life and later on had to avoid fruit because it crashed me too much, now I live on it.

Fruit heals, it is a health food; protein is hard on my kidneys and difficult to digest.  It was over rated for me, never helped me at all.  I was raised in a paleo type household, so grew up with all of that, it just made me sicker and sicker over the years until I finally crashed completely in 2006 with CFS/Fibro and AF.  I was 36. Four years later, I finally found 80/10/10 and it totally revolutionized my health, to where I was more fit, tanner, happier, prettier than I had ever been.  It even gave me the energy to start a business I had dreamed of my whole life and it's a success.

It took me a long time to get my head around the diet.  It is so different than what we are taught, but it makes perfect sense.  It is so fun to eat tons and tons of sugar, it makes you feel so happy.  If you eat fats, it will make you have sugar isssues.  Carbs give energy, hydration, brain power, health, life, etc. 

Ask all the performance athletes if they would cut out carbs, no way.  They need the glucose, and so do we, but low fat is the key.  Also, high greens to balance the sugars in the fruits. 

Much is controlled info online regarding high protein, etc.  Much money is involved in promoting it regarding meat and dairy and now high fat aka "good" fats. They rebranded Atkings with Paleo and it goes on and on.

Fats don't have enough nutrition to sustain without loads of supps, protein doesn't have enough calories by itself to sustain, carbs are the logical choice as our brain runs exclusively on glucose, fruits are the best sources in their natural, ripe state.  I am very very satisfied with them because I know how to eat enough.  It actually takes practice, believe it or not.  I could go on and on.

Regarding your gallbladder, I do not know how to determine if you have an infection.  I would guess that if you don't have any sort of fever, that is a good sign.  It may be that it is overworked with all the fat in your diet. (fat foods are typically mislabelled as protein foods such as some animal meat, nuts, dairy, etc.)

In 2013, I had two mercury fillings removed and it totally crashed me again spiralling me down into my old CFS, gained 40lbs, etc.  Now I am finally getting my health back, so happy.  I have learned that because of genetics, I don't methylate mercury and other toxins like some do, and I'm learning how to deal with that and making very good gains toward my former recovery.  I don't think I'd be alive without my diet, mercury is a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone, it does take lives.

Wishing blessings to you blessingof9



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