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Re: Pure gum turpentine
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Pure gum turpentine

I'm just about to start a Turpentine protocol (I've just received the Diamond G brand) after finishing an herbal parasite cleanse & being quite unsettled with the results (I knew I had a problem w/candida but didn't know how many other things i had inside of me as well); I've been a raw vegan for a few years now so I have the diet prep part down but I have a few questions:
1, I'm not having 3 bm's per day as Jennifer Daniels recommends beforehand (but I do do enemas & have that ready as she suggests)- I've heard other people use a Castor Oil & Turpentine protocol instead of Sugar & Turpentine but I can't find any info on the dosage of castor oil & How to do it/ how to mix the castor oil & turpentine, the ratio, etc. & if there's anything different w/it than the Sugar protocol.
2, I'm a very sensitive, petite female (abt 108 lbs) & I've had candida for years, GI issues for years, and my die off reactions from just my herbal parasite cleanse were Terrible so I'm thinking of starting with a very small dose & working my way up (I was thinking of starting w/ 1/4 tsp- I heard a Jennifer Daniels interview where she says people have gotten great results from as little as 12 drops & some people start off with only 1-2 drops- what do yo uthink the minimum effective dose is to start with? I don't want anything to get Resilient to the turpentine b/c I started the dose too low.
3, I guess I'm really afraid of the die off and if I'll have any terrible reactions- I'm sort of alone in this, the people in my life are 100% standard medicine & don't believe in even herbs as effective (& after 3 yrs & 18 specialists later, none of whom have helped me in any way & my best results being from my own herbal or natural protocols, I've given up hope in standard medicine healing me though my family believes that everything can be cured at a hospital); so I'm scared I'll get really sick & have nowhere to turn; is there anything I can do to prepare myself better in case I get really ill? I've gotten extra enema bags, I've gotten activated charcoal (& I've been making psylllium/bentonite/activated charcoal shakes on the herbal parasite cleanse- I'm not sure if these would be effective on the turpentine as well?)- is there anything else I can plan for ahead of time to make sure everything runs smoothly and I don't run into any scary, emergency health crisis's where I feel totally sick, alone with nowhere to turn (bc I can't exactly go to the hospital or my family telling them I took turpentine)?
Thanks alot! I'm glad there's somewhere online where people are talking about this!
Cheer- any reply would be so much appreciated!

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