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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Have used Chlorine Dioxide daily for 26 years

Jim Humble rejects the scientific side of sodium chlorite"

please..explain ..
are you for, or against mms use?

Chlorine dioxide is fda approved to be sprayed on foods and more, sometimes not needing a wash afterwards. (that should tell you something ) cleans, and disinfects water, kills bacteria, virus, etc..the government even used it to clean buildings that had threats of anthrax..this stuff kills bad stuff and that's a fact. I do not think that fact is debatable. What is, is the claim that it works inside your body to kill bad things and does not harm good bacteria's. We just don't know.. The claim that it selects only bad pathogens and leavs good ones alone, has to do with positive charge vs negative charge. We need more testing done to know the specifics of these things for sure..but until then...this is where we are..Your body is mostly water so why not disinfect that water organically with something that does not break down into trihalomethanes and carcinogenics? all the Science makes sense. What I don't get is this...there are thousands of people who use and love it..( obviously for a reason )..and what I have noticed is that the ONLY people who hate it, and are against it's use inside the body, either have never experienced it, never used it, don't know much about it, Don't know anyone who uses it, and have no proof that it is harmful. So where does all the hate come from? I think one factor is because people don't understand the definitions of bleach. people say " it's bleach"..well..bleach is a verb it makes more sense to say it is a bleaching agent..but so is a lemon. LOL. too much of anything can kill breaks down into table salt when its all said and done....and when it does break down to chlorite, before becoming sodium chloride, it supposedly only exists as chlorite for a the chlorite never has a chance to harm you ..but lets get back to the haters for a of the hundreds of so articles written against it..( iv'e researched this for over 7 years now and have read too many of them) I can't find one person who makes a legitimate claim of mms doing harm!!!! That speaks VOLUMES in terms of who to believe. Are we to trust the people who have used it, have been cured by it, understand the Science behind it, and love using it so much that they tell their family and friends about it, or do you think it's more sensible to believe the people who have never used it, don't know much about it, have no proof that it is harmful to the body, and constantly repeat the same nonsense over and over saying it is industrial bleach. The people against mms say the only thing that they can say, when cornered, which is..SHOW me proof it works!!!..but..that's a little weird because to completely ignore the thousands who do use it, is somewhat ignoring proof that it works. the end, there is more proof that it is beneficial to the body and NO proof at all, that it is harmful when taken in small doses. I'm sure people have gotten sick, and vomit..etc..but you have to keep in mind..the protocols are still being made, people using the wrong amounts and basically taking either too much or not mixing and using it correctly are going to have some side effects. and everyone is different so i don't really agree with 1 protocol for all..i believe you need to find what amount works for you and the only way to do that safely is starting very small..and increasing slowly as you research more about the amounts... I cant find ONE person that can give me a good reason NOT to try it, when if you look at the big picture..there are thousands claiming to be cured..yet no one is coming forward on their deathbed claiming mms put them there.. so ..if you attack something..please have some substance in your opinion that holds at least enough weight as the thousands who ACTUALLY USE IT, have experience with it, first hand knowledge of it and say you are completely wrong if you think it does not work or it cause more harm than my personal opinion, It's more sensible to believe a thousand people WHO ACTUALLY take it, then the few who have little reason to hate it, and have never used it at all...
so.. are you for..or against it?

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