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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain

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Sypher7 Views: 7,475
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain

Ah right yes, could try foot baths indeed.

And YES absolutely. That's one conclusion i've surely come to, is that I have rather bad mercury problems. Mainly beacuse when I take any chelator, such as zeolite (and even small doses), im much much sicker the next day. Sometimes it 'clears out' a bit, and a day or two after taking it my muscles and brain feel less toxic and slightly more energetic.

The problem here is now, that I don't have the energy to go to a holistic dentist to get them removed before starting chelation. But yes it was suggested by a family friend practitioner that this could be the cause for the gluathione intolerance too.

I've actually been trying to search if there is any slim chance on earth that a dentist could come to my house to remove the amalgams. But I strongly doubt it, unless I had many thousands of $ to get one here, so i'm kind of stuck there too.

Not keen on any form of ozone at the moment after the experience. The HP baths/foot are a different story though. Does it need to be food grade HP or can it be ordinary?

No difference with fats. Enough avocado will cause the biliary colic too. Interestingly, the least pain fat will cause is when its mixed/cooked with carbs - say oil through mashed potato etc. Much worse pain when its straight oil on salad or just meat with fat etc. Not sure how carbs tame the pain down but they seem to.

Will look into Stanley Bass, thanks sounds interesting.

Havent eaten raw proteins in a while, used to eat sushi a bit. It seems any protein makes the brain issues worse. People with late stage liver disease cannot detoxify by products of protein digestion, and even though my liver is not damaged/inflamed, it seems its processing, digesting and detox functions are extremely low. Andreas Moritz wrote me back saying he doesn't know of any other way in my type of case other than Liver Flushes to improve energy and vitality.

I would try a mild flush of say one ounce of each of juice/oil if it would be of any benefit, not sure it would work though.

Yeah i'll def try to make more long cooked soups.

I haven't tried Doug Grahams 80/10/10 but have read/looked at the info on my trails. Its interesting but requires a great deal of fruit I can't really eat like bananas etc (very intolerant). In fact the low salycilate diet requires only pears! BUT.. you're right. Fruit is one food im absolutely not afraid of. No matter how much I eat, there is little to no liver/pancreas pain. Thats because its so watery though with no fat or protein. I was on 3 litres a day of carrot/apple/cel/cuc/green juice for 2 months or so with only veg/brown rice meal at night, and lost a fair bit of weight and just got weaker. Not sure it would get my energy up, I am actually getting pretty much (just) enough calories now but my energy is still very low. Through the elemental drinks (vivonex).

Well my adrenals have been totally shut down since I first began cortisone in 2008. They were struggling as it was already, then I was on too higher dose for 3 years. I dropped it now because alot of my current problem is likely due to cortisone damage to the body. If so I dont really know how to repair this damage. But yeah I try to keep it lower, and maybe its not enough.

If I did/do flushes, i'd def need to up the dose to deal with the stress of it.

Yeah I tried multiple brands of licorice, most were similar. I used mediherb which is the practitioner brand of liquid herbs in australia. Very high quality and standard potency etc. Very dark liquid. All of them caused very increased asthma etc though due to very high sal. So do all those adaptogens though.

No whey for me, its made me sick since I was a kid! All dairy including whey always has.

I do journal when I remember to with this fogged brain!

Thanks again. ~C.

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