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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain

Hi there. Yeah its common. Im just really severe myself.

I think I will try a flush, beacuse im kind of out of options. I hoped there was a 'less oil' flush, as im very weak and most sites suggest not to do them if you're weak. Not looking forward to the pain, nausea and possible vomiting etc of it, ugh.

Yeah I salt everything with Sea Salt , but its not just salt being the problem. I have such low physical energy (atp/mitochondria), that the sauna itself just absolutely drains me and I end up much weaker with shaky nerves pretty much all night after one. I have access to a single 1 person FIR (Far-Infrared-Sauna) tent for home use if I was going to do it. Ive also heard they can generate strong EMF's though too. Not sure how much that effects me.

It's fine I've read lots of books on the primal diet because I LOVE the idea. I pretty much know it's got to be one of the best diets for Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and gut problems. However with my extremely poor functioning liver, I cannot tolerate meat or fat.. which is the basis of the primal diet, so it's out. I have books on it and it makes me so frustrated ive never been able to do it.

I eat rice, and will try it with ghee. Not having dairy but I believe ghee has very little dairy content due to being almost 100% fat. P.S. I have no gallbladder. Removed 2001 due to similar issues - biliary sludge & stasis/pain.

I have no idea how anyone with livers not working at all would even dream of tolerating the primal diet.. if I eat just a small amount of meat, which I very rarely attempt, I can barely move the next day, everything is worse. Liver just cannot break down the rich meat/fat.

Interesting. i've been wanting to start his chelation but apparently have to have the fillings out first, which I just cannot do at the moment. I possibly could if i got it done in hospital or something.. but good luck finding a dentist who will who knows about safe removal. Read Andy's stuff but not his mineral protocol. I do take cal/mag, molybdenum, b complex, C & colloidal minerals already.

Not sure re: sulfur foods. Im VERY intolerant to sulfur supps - MSM, NAC, Glutathione, etc, all have strong reactions. But things like cabbage, brussels etc dont seem to have any bad effect.

Going to try salt + Peroxide foot baths starting tonight. I dont think i'd drink it. I tried Miracle-Mineral-Supplement a few years ago and boy did it make me feel so toxic even at one drop.

Re: fillings again.. that's the thing. I don't have any idea when/if I will stabilize or improve. The last 6 months since the major crash I've only gotten gradually worse, despite trying things. It seems I may be at the point where I have to try to do the things a weak person 'shouldnt do' or I wont ever have a chance to try them. Really dont know.

Everything well cooked works better for sure. Can never tolerate strong spices etc, always ++ asthma, allergies etc.

If chanca piedra is a herbal remedy, it will be guaranteed high in Sals. Never tried it but I spose I could.

Yeah white fish used to be the best tolerated protein food for me, till the gut broke down and I couldnt tolerate a thing last Nov.

Could try oil massage indeed. Am about to try castor oil packs too for liver. Hoping I tolerate ok.

Absolutely, already come to the conclusion Mercury is a huge issue, I just can't get the damn fillings out. Otherwise I'd be straight onto cutlers protocol, ugh! Some time one hopes.

Thanks again, C.


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