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Re: Too many problems
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Too many problems

"What do you guys do about Iodine." - To some extent, kelp can help with this, although it does depend on how much Iodine you require, obviously.

"I ordered the hair test yesterday, guess it will come in a test kit that I will have to send out to some lab right?" - It's extremely basic at the users end - you just get sent an envelope with a requisition form from Direct Labs (signed by their licensed doctor) along with a piece of cardboard which you fold into a crude 'scale' to measure the correct quantity/weight of hair. It's really simple. As I said previously, you only need approximately a heaped teaspoon of hair to make the scale tip sufficiently. Once you've got your sample, and you've filled in certain details on the requisition form (e.g. what shampoo you use, your signature etc.), you simply put the completed requisition form and the sample of hair (in a tiny plastic ziploc bag) into a provided envelope and mail this directly to Doctor's Data Inc. I recommend you call Direct Labs to help you fill in the requisition form correctly when you receive it. It's not that it's difficult, it's just that it's so easy to miss a tiny detail on the form, which will cost you more time if they have to send it back to you before running the test.

"How long should it take from order to results?" - it takes about 7-10 days.

"They will email it correct?" - Yes, Direct Labs will receive the results from Doctor's Data Inc. and then Direct Labs will email you a .pdf with your results. You don't need to ask them for it, it will just turn up in your email inbox.

"If it turns out Im poisoned how will I go about finding a dentist trained to remove the fillings" My knowledge on the dentistry aspects of Hg-poisoning isn't very detailed, because I've never had amalgams. However, yes, if you go through the links I posted here on curezone (esp. in the post I directed you to in Doc Sutter's section of curezone, which was not an original part of our thread here), you'll find a dentist soon enough. e.g.

As I recommended in a previous post, it might be useful for you to ask on the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo group. There might just be a member who lives in a region close to you, who can recommend someone they've successfully been to. Please note the cautions I offered with regard to a lot of dentists CLAIMING they know how to remove mercury Amalgams etc. with thorough safety precautions - only a very small proportion really truly do 'get' how tricky mercury Amalgam removal is, if one is to avoid the patient being exposed to mercury vapour during the procedure(s).

"I dont think I asked the other day TTWP but what about parasite cleansing herbs can damage the liver, just regular stuff like Clarkia not cilantro or anything. Iv been on a maintenance dose of Clarkia and stopped the other day when you told me about the effects on the liver." - OK, don't run too far with that remark of mine. I stand by it - *IF* one is suffering from mercury/lead/copper toxicity, the liver can be in a very compromised state. Anthelmintic substances such as Cloves and Wormwood , although natural, do, nonetheless, require detoxification by the liver. If the liver is compromised then burdening it further may not be the best course of action, although I thoroughly respect your intentions in terms of attempting to keep parasites at bay. Consequently, I'm not trying to scare you from using anthelmintic herbs, but I'm urging you to use caution. Since you've now ordered the test (you did get the standard 'Hair Elements' version, right? ;-) ) you may be able to have lab results back within less than 10 days; perhaps that's not too long a time for you to put the anthelmintic herbs on hold? It's entirely your decision; if you feel your liver's doing OK, then by all means carry on with the Clarkia . If you go back to my first reply to you in this thread, and review the various aspects of your symptoms, then that discussion of the 'bigger picture' of your health situation might help you to draw your own conclusion on how compromised your liver might be at the moment. If you browse posts on the frequent dose chelation Yahoo group you may notice that there is regular discussion on how sensitive various Hg-intoxicated people are to various natural herbal and food substances, owing to compromised liver function. Everyone is slightly different so it's often a case of having to 'suck it and see' until one manages to establish which foods and which herbs (and which synthetics or pharmaceuticals) one is, in fact, intolerant of. At the very least, I suggest you try using milk thistle / silymarin (2-3 times each day) as a liver protectant - it's very helpful for an ailing liver and is generally tolerated well by the majority of people, even Hg-intoxicated folks.

Good luck. Do keep me posted on the hair analysis. As i said, if it comes back negative, all is not at all lost, we're just exploring a plausible possibility at this stage. The Cutler book will show you how to interpret the test correctly. Be warned that *IF* you do turn out to be mercury-intoxicated, you may, paradoxically, nonetheless see mercury at very low levels on the test results. This is surprisingly common because if mercury is present in sufficient quantities in the body, and if you are sufficiently sensitive to mercurys toxicity, then you may have disordered mineral transport, which can manifest as an inability to excrete the mercury - which can include inability to excrete through the hair, and thus yield a low reading on the hair analysis, which is when one falls back on the statistical analyses of the essential elements readings, as I mentioned in a previous reply.

Again, the link for uploading your results, in order for others to help you interpret them, is:

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