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Re: Warrior Diet meal schedule (nocturnal eating) helps get rid of brain fog.

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lakshmi7 Views: 15,649
Published: 9 years ago
This is a reply to # 2,045,646

Re: Warrior Diet meal schedule (nocturnal eating) helps get rid of brain fog.


I have seen your posts and replies to other people here. I am not fond of your aggressive writing style, your pushy remarks and your overall behavior. Your logic is far from solid.

I honestly feel sorry for you; what you are exhibiting is clearly not a healthy behavior and obviously not a supportive one. This is a support forum, not "push your vegan ideas" forum.

You completely lack the ability to listen and perceive concepts that are outside of your dietary scope. Which in itself is a very mind-limiting and hostility-breeding pattern.

When I was growing up in Russia, fasting was very common, it's historically accepted, and even supported by religion and medicine. Either no food fasting, or vegan post/lent. So, traditionally, we have 3 long lents a year, when people are encouraged to be vegan. Lent before Easter, August Apple Lent and the one before Christmas.

So, there is a widely known phenomenon. While fasting on vegan diet for those months, or when they fast on water (if they can), they very often develop pretty much all the symptoms that you (and other vegans) exhibiting: being pushy, jumping into other's conversations and not following the conversation logic, aggressive, overly-critical, demanding attention and being arrogant.

This phenomenon even has a name - a faster's (or lenter's) vampirism. You see, when normal people eat animal products they get some very concentrated life force by eating them - the larger the animal, the more the life force. If I eat and egg I get, let's say 1 point, for a piece of fish - 2 points, for chicken leg - 4 point, for a beef steak 25 points, or something like that.

When we eat fruit or vegetables we may get something like 0.0003 points of life force. Plant have LOTS of Pranic energy, I know that, and that Prana supports your Prana (or Vata). But! Prana is not enough for a physical body alone, you need solid, grounding life energy from animal fats and protein, plus all the scientifically proven minerals, vitamins and so on.

So, pranic food (plants) alone makes you deficient in hearty, grounding, stable energy that usually gives people tranquility, calmness, contentment, patience, stability, mental cohesion and allows them to be energy donors to other people providing love, support, and understanding. It also gives you mental ability to be down-to-earth (literally) and metaphysically, be logical and consistent and reasonable. By not getting all this hearty grounding foods, sooner or later you start to look for this energy elsewhere - basically start stealing it from other people's emotions. You attack other people by trying get their attention desperately. Just like small children also get their parents' attention by both good or bad behavior. Children are the ones who have not accumulated enough life force yet and have to get it from others. The elderly are pretty much out of the life force and sometimes can resort to energy draining from their care-takers. People who are not fed well, or not well-rested, or over-worked, over-stressed, or fasting/going vegan are the same way. They are deficient in life force and become energy drainers of others.

It is really sad that you resorted to such behavior of hijacking other people's threads, pushing your illogical ideas and trying to teach others who already came here to share their successful experiences. What you are doing is trying to convert everybody vegan. It's not only a delusion, it's pretty much fanatical radicalism.

It is very very sad that you became this way. You could've been much smarter, much more supportive, much kinder and much wiser Natway. You could've been shining intelligence instead of being a clown here marching with your vegan slogans. You could've been enjoying soulful talks with supportive friends here instead of asking for pity. I bet you don't have any real friends outside vegan circle. How sad, you have to come here to post illogical replies to people who can only feel compassion to you.

Your body is clearly telling you something - in pretty much every thread that you post here you mention not getting enough of calories. That's your body asking you to feed it. Don't you see it?

Calories from even the fattiest plants cannot compare to calories from animal sources. They are just not compatible. And honestly, the whole calorie theory is not sufficient, it's very very superficial view of foods.

Sweatheart, I don't need your advice, I am good, I am sharing what is solid, what has been researched and what proven to be working by personal experience. I rely on theory that has been proven either by history, or by doctors, or athletes.

I don't rely on activists as you do. Activists are simply people who managed to be louder than others, not necessarily wiser. Health activists are screwing with your brain as well as your health as clearly your behavior is far from adequate.

I really hope it will not be too late when you actually understand where you are and how you sound and that your body will not be damaged beyond the point of recovery.

God Bless you. I will pray for you to become a better person, a humble, wise, and happy and healthy human being.


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