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Re: Thanks MH...
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Thanks MH...


Normally 3 Liver Flushes should reach the Chaff, once the chaff appears, it is time to move on and get serious about kick starting the elimination system. I say once things are open and flowing, KILL the SUCKERS as you put it and send their rotten dissolving corpes down the sewer.

I have zero idea what people are using for a de-wormer? I can't say I have ever seen an Herbalist use such methods, so most people are depending on something commercial??? I know the Christopher methods and most herbal methods treat deworming like a farmer deworms a cat and believe me, i have never seen this work.

I went by the email address of wormfree for 5 years, Why? That is what I believe in and specialize in (in my own little world of course). I was shocked to read in Dr. Clark's new HIV book sometime back that she said you could do so much with just 1 ounce of PLAIN green hull Black-Walnut !!!!!!!!! I was really shocked! I made plain walnut for 2 years, under protest (I needed the money and they paid well) I sent it to Switzerland and The Netherlands as well as delivered car loads to the home base here in the U.S. I tried my best to convence them (David Amerien, Geoff & Hulda Clark ) that plain green hull walnut made from mature walnuts has no dewprming value. Naturally that never went down very well and after 2 years, they found a realitive of the sales person in the U.S.A., also they were busted in Switzerland and The Netherlands and I was tired of sending it, only to have it destroyed at customs.

I could write about the commercial value of the walnut green hull verses the value of making a herbal dewormer, and it would make alot of people feel ripped off, so I will let this go for now.

The fact remains, an ounce, a bottle, etc. of commercial green hull walnut tincture is nearly worthless to obtain being wormfree. Sure it will hurt the parasites, but not much. If you look at a persons Liver Flush under microscope each and every time and you KNOW the amount of dewormer they took and you multiply this many times with a wide variety of nurses, doctors, chiropractors, factory workers, Amish, farmers, my family and myself and wife in particular for years, then and only then do you really have any idea what it takes to get wormfree.

To read a book and 1/2 do what the author says because who can afford this commercial garbage dewormers in the first place???
And the taste??? They make some nasty stuff, a real herbalist tries to not make nasty tasting stuff.

I make a dewormer that has no name. It started from day one based on Dr. Clark's info. I always made it as a liquid combination, something the Clark side will not do! (too much money in selling all the products and making it complicated, when something is complicated, it is easy to tell the customer that they did it wrong and it was not the products fault).

I then read Dr. Clarks first HIV book, I had to experiment with Olive Leaf after that and I then added Olive leaf to my dewormer. I then added pumpkin seed on my own, because most herbalist/people know kids do well on pumpkin seeds for pin worms, etc. So I had what I just called a 5 herb mix and even one company in England follwed suit and make a 5 herb mix based on my 5 herbs I chose, but most settled on the top 3, walnut,clove, and Wormwood and you can find that mixture many places, or at least you use to, I haven't surfed the net for sometime, I am out of touch so to speak with whats going on in the commercial market.

I make it no secret that I read old medical books as a hobby, the older the better, my best authors were mostly born in 1865, civil war babies I guess? Anyway I read a large variety of methods of deworming, you know doctors 100 years ago looked at your worms as their business.

Then Dr. Clark's info on oregano oil as well as Dr. Cass Ingram's books on the subject sparked as much interest as Olive Leaf did and then I turned my Amish clinic buddies onto oregano oil and their experimentations turned out fantastic works and in no time my dewormer included oregano oil, the pure stuff.

Christopher Hobbs is the best man on the earth for herbal information, just ask Schulze or David Christopher, they are all part of The School of Natural Healing and the result of Dr. John R. Christopher's mentering. I asked Dr. Hobbs his opinion about green hull walnut and He promptly sent me 5 or so pages from a German Science book dating 1950 and it explained everything you could ever imagine and then some about the Black-Walnut tree and low and behold, the green hull of the mature walnut is not a dewormwer at all, it is a source of potassium and organic potassium we all know is the basic reason for all diseases, especially cancer. I sent this all to Hulda Clark about 5-6 years ago and she replied that maybe she would stop advising to have the reader pick walnuts off the ground, that was baout it and I never read so far that she suggest anything about Black-Walnut s other than what her first books said to do.

Anyone that knows a thing about Mexico and cancer knows the Dr. Hoxey treatment started the very first clinic and the rest is history. Dr. Clark according to my sources first experimented with the Dr. Hoxey methods, I mean who wouldn't, he was the most succesful man in American History is curring (treating) sever advanced cancers of all kinds. In this study, naturally she would come up with the conclusions of iodine, POTASSIUM IODINE. What does the old walnut on the ground have? Lots of organic iodine, but not deworming chemicals. This is a very long story and I don't want to bore you too much, but my point is, does anyone make a dewormer or just a product to make money off of of and if some worms come out, so much the better???

I am a factory worker that was dieing of lead diseases, I wanted to save my own life, PERIOD! My legs blead daily for 10 years and I itched so bad and had bloody socks every day, I had to seek a method to save my life, because people I work with were and are dieing long before that ripe old age of 65. That is how I got into making my own herbs, based on Dr. John R. Christopher's and even Dr. Shulzes books and videos, etc., but I never closed my mind and sought out all information and eventually found it was the old MD of the past that had many of the answers I sought. Their problem was they were not herbalist and didn't use them. That didn't stop me, I use anything I want, this is something herbalist and doctors of today still refuse to do, they do as they were tought and do not self-experiment, they just pass on what they learned to others as a job to make a living.

We on the other hand, never intended to have a business, people just started coming and word spread around the globe in some cases and we thought maybe we could have a business as a hobby, drclark.coms business gave us a big jump, then alpha omega, and others, but these people all ended up in serious problems, you always do if you help people with their health and it is getting worse, not better. We took great losses with anyone we made herbal products with, when alpah omega went down, we about crumbled because the wife could not and would not pay the huge bill they owed us of a years supply they just received and the FDA kindly destroyed along with hundreds of thousands of dollars of natural cancer products they were selling around the world for pennies on the dollar compared to the average cancer treatments on the web.

So we never did acheive a business and found safety in the hands of the American Amish, you know, they always pay their bill, even if it takes payments, they do, I can't say that for all our normal customers, many have never paid, etc. and that also has kept us in the hobby stage, many times wondering if we should even bother.

My Dad and kids are my greatest experiments. My dad has tried dieing at least 3 times in the past year and came close off and on for the past 12 years. He has smoked all his life and his bones are gone, heart calcified, left side completly ruptured, kidney cancer, prostrate cancer, spinal cancer, etc. The normal things a man ends up with as a result of wrong diet and breathing smoke all his life, the good stuff, roll your own camel was what I breathed as a child in the back seat of the family car. A very good subject to prove or disprove herbal formulas on and I could write a book just on his diseases and the simple cures of each, the Christoher/Clark and my ways.

I know this is long and dragged out, but my point is, in the dewormer world, profits rule, just like just about everything commercial that has to do with health.

Christopher and Schulze's information books explains the corruption/pollution with herbs and all explained to make your own, the same with Clark her self, she and they give the recipes.

I have always told people to make their own and I think maybe 2 over the years actually do. I do not think anyone can get wormfree on taking commercial dewormer for the mare fact they will never take enough and never take it a lifetime and that is if it is a good dewormer to begin with.

I am sure by now, everyone that makes a dewormer product for sale hates me!!!! Oh well! The idea is to get the worms out and keep them out!

This is my suggestions based on no medical knowlege of course and written for entertainment purposes only!

A good 5-8 herb dewormer take 1 tablespoon day and night for 5 days along with the kidney cleanse and lower bowel balance capsules, then do a Clark flush, continue the herbs and in 5 days do another flush, if your not looking at your flush, then do another in 5 days, your now as clean as your going to get with your gallbladder method, depending on your method, depends on your success or the lack of it. Anyway, continue the dewormer doseage for 30 days, you are now as clean as that dewormer is going to get you. Now take 1 tablespoon weekly for the rest of your life.

To get to this point you needed 1 quart for the 30 days and one quart per year the rest of your life. It would take a long story with many examples to explain why I reccomend this.

Now you need daily maintanence. parasites take no break, you eat, drink, and breathe them all day every day! I take Olive Leaf and oregano Oil daily in either formulas or foods/water, etc. it just takes a little. You make your tissues a no trespassing neighborhood. You keep your gallbladder stone free, I explain how in my free booklet, it cost nothing and the method cost practically nothing and you don't need to do a Liver Flush the rest of your life "IF" you do one simple thing each night before you go to bed and the side effects are you feed your brain, now I suppose I have the Liver Flush people mad at me?? a liver flush is good when ever you can do one, but there is a way that the medical surgeons knew back in 1960 that not only avoids the need for gallstone surgery, but I discovered it also avoids the need for continued flushes. It is not information people needs until they have done 3 flushes and knows they have gotten the big stones out.

I guess I attmepted to explain why people reach a level in their health and can't get over the next hump. I explain the next hump in my free 108 page booklet, which by the way I print 1,000 pages per day and am behind since I made this free offer and the ink is eating me alive because I have plenty of one of a kind worm pictures and the worlds largest gallstone picture (at least in my world) and plenty more all laser printed in beautiful color. I would suggest you read this infomation booklet and see how once your liver and intestines are flowing in the right directions, you then can do a simple medical method of mulitplying your red blood cells 5X in only 14 days and it was coined 100 years ago as the CURE, the ONLY CURE, the human BLOOD cures the body and it works for every breathing human being, no exceptions! It changed my life and it will change anyones life, why? It makes you drug free and medical free the rest of your life, it was the biggest threat and the reason for the creation of the AMA which is nothing but the doctors union to destroy any doctor that dares do what the old unregulated doctors did in clinics.

Please take this information as nothing medical, it is simple old herbal and self-aplied prevention methods of the past mixed together my way and we all know, anyhting written is bias to the authors eyes. Read many sources and self experiment and prove or disprove peoples methods and do what your Spirit believes is right for your vessel.

I learned to throw away all my synthetic vitamins and have had no doctor other than my chiropractor for the past 28 years, I can not imagine why I would ever take my 4 young boys to a doctor, I love them and the last thing I would want is a toxin introduced into their blood stream, so to me, self-apllied health not only reversed 28 years of lead poisoning, it allows you to raise your family in peace and have peace of mind that you will never waste your money, time and life on drugs.

I use one old medical book to start people on this journey, this MD surgeon was the best, he admits he murdered in his practice for the first 2/3rds of his carear and then when he was dieing, he learned the cure other doctors were doing and he then did the same and cured 63,000 before he retired and wrote his little book. This book sets you free, yet it is a baby book for the person that wants to learn the secrets of Longevity, but we all have to start somewhere. This book changed my life and I pitched just about everything I use to resale,I can't sale anything I won't put in my childs mouth. I learned if you take anyhting that would harm a child, it is harming you too!

This book needless to say, took our herbal hobby store down to a few shelves and destroyed the chances of ever having a business, we make 80% less money now and we really are just a hobby, I use what money we do make to buy other books and give away papers explaining what I have learned and hope to spark the interest of customers to buy the book that put us out of having a business, if that makes any sense? I hand print the old doctors book on a color laser and it cost $10 in ink alone for each copy, etc. and I provide life long answering of questions, which takes alot of paper, etc. not to mention the time, so you see, each book cost me money to sell in a way. This is why I almost insist people write me, I can't take phone calls anymore, I will talk for hours and get nothing else done. A letter I can answer late at night on my own time. Thats another side effect of not poisoning your body, you can stay up late if you wish, because now you have 80% more energy in an alkaline body.

So my point is, the liver flush is the begining point, it does stop people from dieing, but, Nature Awaits your obeyance, those that choose Nature, will seek to remove the acids from their body and have a clean vessel that will last many years to come hopefully!

Many Blessings,

PS I type with 2 fingers, so you can imagine how much time I just passed doing this, but it is my hobby and I enjoy it.


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