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Re: MH - I Think You Are Right
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: MH - I Think You Are Right


In America we are fed alot of things via the TV and if 1/2 of it is right, it would appear to me that in your country, nothing is going accross your borders, the same as here in the USA and most other countries.

You happen to have the last people on this earth that possess powers civilized people's have lost a long time ago and I am sure they have all the herbal remedies I would dream to have access to.

This is why I started what I call The School of Self-Applied Prevention. The very first book uses a 14 day cure that multiplies the red blood cells 5X and the MD declared this is the cure, the ONLY CURE and this simple book changed my life and it can change anyones life, it sets you free of sickness and the need for drugs the rest of your life. The only thing it lacks is a de-wormer and that is available in all countires from the local herbalist or nature lover.

This MD used no knife, no drugs, no herbs and cured 63,000 patients the last 1/3 of his career, the first 2/3rds he killed people on the table and was a famous surgeon.

So in my mind, who cares if they take away our herbs, they are going to do what they are going to do, they have the guns and weapons of extreme mass destruction, I have not been to your country, but I can guarantee you that you are being sprayed from the air daily for the past 50+ years!

We know drugs are poisons, most medical herbs are mild poisons, and neither are cures. Herbalist and doctors don't normally live as long as the average care free person, what does prolong life is knowledge. Knowing your never going to need a drug, removes stress, the number one killer.

One book can set you free and once free, you will realize there are hundreds, if not thousands of people out there saying this. Freedom comes from having an alkaline body and few know how to acheive this. There were alot of MDs 100 years ago that practiced Nature and was 100% succesful at it as far as disease was concerned, now at Longevity, they lacked herbal knowledge and some tricks with cold water and the such, etc. But for disease they could reverse it by education, not drugs or herbs.

I have no luck getting anything accross the borders and don't try anymore. Paper is still legal, may be! Books with no products don't raise too much alarm.

Many Blessings,

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