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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?

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Clarkia Extra Strong
Clarkia Tincture 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz

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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?


Did you ever ask alot of the right questions.

What is an orange juice fast? It was a cure all about 100-70 years ago. I have a version where I mix the best of 2 doctor's clinic methods, you get this FREE in my booklet, it is a result of many years of study and spending thousands of dollars on books. I use to have a herbal type store, once I learned the old medical methods my store went down to a couple of shelves and I make 80% less than I use to when I sold all the gimmicks, such as vitamins, supplements, all the electronics (zappers of all kinds, etc.)magnets, and most anything you see on the modern market. I will only sell what I will give to my children and family, so that meant all the trash went to the trash and why you will never see me promote vitamins, supplements, or electronics as a method of restoring health, just as Dr. John R. Christopher stated 50 years ago, all the non natural stuff either causes ill health or creates a mirror effect which again leads to ill health.

So the more you learn, the less you will spend and you will always become more healthy.

Waite and read my free book and see how a child can use orange juice or the sickest person on earth can use the method and even 125 coma patients opened their eyes with in hours of this doctor's simple no cost treatment. I mean it cost nothing to do their way, they used no drugs and no herbs. Naturally they never lived as long as they should have, they left out the parasite clause, the one that eats your organs and flesh as fast as you can make it all your life. parasites love healthy flesh also. Healthy flesh may keep out parasites, but once you already have them, they are not moving out, you have to EVICT them!

You need a Dr. Clark advanced cancer book and follow the dental rules, word for word. I read all the dental books by the best and Dr. Clark has the best advice for the buck. If you have $2,000 per tooth, you can save most of them, but us poor folk can't invest that kind of money. The motto is, do not let a tooth put you in the grave. I see the dentist as the worse of the lot, they are trained to get our children into the system.

Hansen is the best dentist and even he states one bad tooth is like a hole in your boat, you will bail until you sink.

The appendix was part of your Immnune System, if your having this kind of trouble years later, I wonder what kind of butcher messes something up, or parasites was always the problem and remained the problem. Anyway, my step by step method covers most of the bases, you just need to fine tune the doses or take a few other herbs to work on specific past problems, etc. Otherwise if you only do what the MD says, it worked for 63,000 of his patients and he seen it gave about 10 years more life to the average patient at no cost. I say kill the parasites, pitch the stones and forget about dieing for along time to come, sounds good to me anyway and cost almost nothing to do.

constipation is the killer, you either have one bowel movement per meal or you have serious problems and that has to be corrected before you can do a thing. Even before you fix your dental and by the way, how about that cement that they glued crowns or even white plastics with and my dentist told me that all the numb shots have the cancer warning on the label, etc. We have to face the facts that all dental problems are a sign of poor health. I consider myself an expert, I had all crowned teeth and 12 root canals, I grew up on a dairy farm and drank that milk and my teeth were history. When I decided to become healthy, the teeth had to all go and am I ever glad they did, but you will always miss the real teeth and pulling them shortenes your life also, it is a choice that everyone has to make on their own, but my warning is, if you have dental metals of any kind do not attempt to become healthier, you will just pull more and more metalic poison ions out of those teeth and deposit metals in all yout tissues.

Once the dental is being cleaned up or done, then you can kill the enemy, and start reproducing new red blood cells and your own blood will make new tissues and a whole new you!

What do I eat, I love raw home grown fruits and berries right off the tree or bush, second best is frozen or dried. All the rest has a price to pay and naturally I pay that price and once you have an ulcer free stomach which is an alkaline stomach, you can eat what you want with no discomfort, but you must balance the act of eating, because what you eat determins how long you have circulation.

My motto is, learn what human food is and then when you become sick, you had better blame no one but your self, because it is always our choise to sick or well, there is zero mystery in human health. Only those that want to rob you make a mystery of diseases.

You will learn much of this from my first reprint medical book, I applied it and lost 50 pounds in 40 days and have kept it off and spend no money on all the crap that comes in a white bottle or runs on a 9 volt battery! Once your free, you know food is really the only medicine and also mans poison.

If you send me an e-mail and want me to try to send the boolet by e-mail I will, I need an address so I can keep track of who got a paper copy and who got a e-mail, so I don't double send, I get an e-mail and then a letter and some times have sent 2 books to the same address, it can get confusing when I get request from around the world. I did finally have to make black and white copies also, I couldn't keep doing the color copies because of the ink expense.

I suggest reading this and then if you have questions write me, I then can write you back at my leisure, e-mail I will not give as good as answers because I am in a hurry all the time,etc.


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