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Re: Can everyone please list what signs of collagen loss/wrinkling you have?

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Can everyone please list what signs of collagen loss/wrinkling you have?

Mr. BBQ,

Here is what I can add regarding my situation that may help give you more insight regarding your own dilemma...

You mention dehydration. For years, literally years, I have had thirst disproportionate to my fluid intake. This is one of many reasons that I have focused on optimizing my adrenal health. When this strange period began in my life almost exactly a year ago today, my thirst became insatiable, and I was drinking literally 5 gallons of water per day. I was adding some Sea Salt , lemon, anything to help the water rehydrate better, but it just wan't working. Funny, I didn't seem to be urinating any more than usual with all of the extra fluid I was drinking. Oh, and no blood Sugar issues, not diabetic either.

This came on after a period of little to no sleep, combined with these weird stomach/heart area twitches that would awaken me from the slightest sleep. Along with this symptoms, I also would feel extremely cold and begin shivering, althought he outside temp here was already well over 95 degrees. I also felt some vague kidney pain and I compleltely lost my appetite. I began to get bazarre twitching throughout my body, and my heart felt like it was poudning heart and vibrating my whole body. I could actually shake the bed with my heartbeat. My face also became very flushed. I began consuming little more than green juice and lemon water in an attempt to re-balance whatever had gone "off" (I suspected liver toxicity), and it didn't help. I went to the ER because I felt like my organs were failing. The only problems they found were tachychardia (resting heart rate 130-140), they said I was in metabolic acidosis showing little or no bicarbonate on my bloodstream), and also high platelet count. Oh, and my TSH indicated hypothyroidism, which I was already aware of anyway. They told me to breath in a paper bag to remedy the acidosis? Which didn't make sense since I hadn't been hyperventilating. Obviously my pancreas and liver were failing to make bicarbonate for some reason...

As for copper, I wasn't taking supplemental copper at the time, I was taking a good amount of zinc however. However you mention that there is liver and adrenal involvement in regulating this protein that controls copper levels in the body - perhaps my liver was toxic to the point that this enzyme became disregulated. Or, my adrenals could have been the source for this problem, it could have been either.

I had been on a low-carb candida diet for years before this occurred. At the time that this happened I had been eating a considerable amount of grass-fed beef and coconut oil as well as green juices,cooked green vegetables, cod liver oil, etc.. A few months earlier I had begun the transition to eating meat again after almost two years of a low-carb, fruit-free version of the raw vegan diet. Perhaps this meat-heavy low-carb diet put too much stress on my liver and adrenals and lead to this breakdown in some way?

I too suspect an immune component to this. Through the years I have had some symptoms of Lupus, however nothing ever involving skin breakdown before this time. I have had immmune markers tested throughout this ordeal and everything comes back normal. I still wonder, however, because I have also become very sensitive to light which compounds the skin problem. I have been tested for Lyme Disease (common underlying cause of strange autoimmune symptoms) and did have some bands come back positive. Makes sense, because I grew up in a Lyme-infested area.

I have done 6 Liver Flushes since October and did not notice increased dehydration or wrinkling. However, I had to stop taking notice of my skin changes because it was literally taking over my life and an exercise in self-perpetuating misery.

As I mentioned previously, this collagen wasting was so severe and rapid that it drove me into the deepest Depression imaginable. I am in a better place with that now, so I can share what it felt like when I was there without shame. I literally thought about suicide every minute, felt that my life was over, felt that I permanently damaged in every way, and literally went psychotic. Everyone around me minimized what I was going through, including doctors who offered nothing more than laser or plastic surgery to fix this problem. My husband and children were affected, and my husband had to go to counseling to deal with my situation. At a particularly dark moment he tried to have me taken away in fear that I was going to really kill myself, the police came to my house and by the grace of God I managed to regain enough composure to convince them that I wasn't really going to harm myself. I cannot tell you how much I prayed for death. I wrote suicide notes to my children and hid them away just in case. My mind, not just my skin, was in a very bad place that I just could not escape. The only hope began for me after we moved out of that house and out to a little house on 4 acres in the middle of the desert.I gained a change of perspective and it saved my life. I began to feel the will to go on and heal, despite all of these changes that I could not accept. I also spent time in the quiet of nature which helped greatly. I have grown spiritually, I've had to, in order to survive. I want to go back in time and change all of this somehow, but I can't. I have had to accept it and learn from it, as painful as it is.

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