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Re: The bible is not the 100% God breathed book institutionalized religion proclaims it to be.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: The bible is not the 100% God breathed book institutionalized religion proclaims it to be.

For me Rainy, it's about actually allowing the Holy Spirit to teach me as Jesus said would be the case. It's a matter of allowing oneself to actually discern by the Spirit rather than trusting in doctrines of man to be a replacement for this. The religious system has demonstrated itself untrustworthy in many ways, so i do not place my trust in that counterfeit system, including its false teaching of a 100% God breathed bible.

When i read of double standards, absurdities and atrocities ascribed against my Heavenly Father in the bible and when i actually allow myself to be taught by the Holy Spirit rather than trusting in false preconceived notions propagated by the institutionalized religious system, it is very clear that the book contains both truth and lies. Only false preconceived religious notions of a 100% God breathed bible would derail ones discernment from seeing this clearly... and this is what so commonly is the case within institutionalized religion. A lie catches on and becomes popular and then at some point it becomes institutionalized group think and an embedded lie that blocks out accurate discernment.

And when an individual is free of this deception - and when the religious system's false preconceived notions of a supposedly perfect bible do not block God's genuine truth out - it becomes clear that the Heavenly Father is severely misrepresented in many parts of the bible. The double standard against wives where they are stoned to death for the exact same unfaithfulness that is perfectly permissible for their husbands is just one example among many. An individual in touch with genuine Holy Spirit discernment that is not blocked out by false preconceived notions of a 100% perfect bible will understand that this is simply not the Heart of the Heavenly Father and never was.

What gets in most people's way is that instead of being taught by the Holy Spirit as Jesus said His followers would do, they trust instead in whatever institutionalized religion told them they have to believe in order to conform to that counterfeit system. In this case they are told they must believe in a 100% God breathed bible that in essence becomes a really bad replacement for actual Holy Spirit discernment and even worse it becomes idolatry to a deeply flawed book, an idolatry that inhibits conformists to the religious system from aligning their hearts and minds with the Heavenly Father as purely as possible.

There is a whole industry built around this deception.

God bless.

PS: What do you consider to be God speaking directly to your heart? A few additional questions, ok? What does your discernment do with the double standard in the bible that forbids only wives from unfaithfulness and not their husbands? If you were not preconceiving the institutionalized religious teaching that the bible was 100% God breathed and the final authority, would you have concluded through your own Holy Spirit discernment that this double standard against wives was ever actually the heart of the Heavenly Father? If you start with the preconceived idea that the bible is 100% God breathed and perfect and that you must align in every way with this book, doesn't the bible become your discernment for you?... a replacement for what discernment actually is? Does increased bible knowledge and believing that God is a God of double standards, absurdities and atrocities equate to increased discernment in your eyes? If you are only willing to look to that book for God's heart and God's truth, and not willing to disagree with any parts of it, doesn't that book essentially become your god? Just some honest questions that i hope you are willing to sincerely reflect upon. God bless you.

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