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Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.
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Published: 4 years ago
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Warning against institutionalized religious Dogma.

I have already said most of what i needed to say to you here:

and here: where i essentially pointed out that you have placed your trust and faith in the Dogma of the Catholic Church and its non Catholic offspring including it's dogma of the supposedly 100% perfect bible and its fantastically anti-biblical dogma of a 3 person God.

You said that i only believe parts of that bible which is indeed correct because i believe other parts of it slander my Heavenly Father and unlike you and unlike institutionalized religion in general, my loyalty and devotion is purely to the Living God Himself, not to a book written by men and falsely propagated as 100% God breathed and perfect by the counterfeit religious system.

Apparently and ironically you only believe parts of that bible too... which is why you are able to sweep literally thousands of bible verses under the rug in which the one true God is referred to as "He" rather than "they" just as Lord Jesus Himself has referred to His Heavenly Father as the one and only God and He, Jesus, His servant. Co-equal? Not according to Jesus who said "My Father is greater than me" among other verses where He made His subservience to His Heavenly Father abundantly clear. Of course trinitarians ignore all such verses or dishonestly twist them to suit their false doctrine.

As well, if the Holy Spirit who impregnated Mary is a separate person of God, then Jesus has two Fathers.

My faith is in the Living God Himself, His perfect human Son as my Lord and Savior, and His Holy Spirit which lives within me and which is not a separate person, but a part of the person of the Heavenly Father (lest Jesus have two Fathers). Whereas and unfortunately your faith is largely in institutionalized religion, its false Dogma (100% God breathed bible, Trinity God, eternal torment in hell, etc), and in the bible of the institutionalized religious system which this counterfeit system so falsely and idolatrously propagates as being 100% God breathed and perfect.

Surrounding the idolatrous golden calf trinity God, it's quite interesting that you choose to believe selected parts of the bible interpreted with preconceived trinitarian biases and conclusions, while rejecting thousands upon thousands of other verses which contradict your trinitarian beliefs, all the while falsely proclaiming every step of the way that the entire bible is 100% God breathed and perfect including the double standard where wives but not their husbands are supposedly instructed by the infinitely wise and infinitely fair minded Heavenly Father to be stoned to death for adultery among many other double standards, absurdities and atrocities ascribed against the Heavenly Father's infinitely Good character. I choose to honor and worship my Heavenly Father, not a book that slanders His character in a multitude of verses.

I believe that you are in idolatry to that bible and this is why you become so incensed when the counterfeit institutionalized religious system's assertion that it is 100% God breathed is in any way challenged. Sadly you place far too much trust in the institutionalized religious system which includes fundamentalist bible college, and you refuse to even entertain the possibility that this system lied to you about its bible and exaggerated its virtues, elevating it to a state of supposed God-like perfection and treating it falsely and idolatrously as if it were actually the 4th member of its already false trinity Doctrine. You forget that this idea of a 100% God breathed bible is a man made doctrine, an area of religious opinion, and more specifically an area of false and idolatrous Dogma birthed in the counterfeit Catholic usurper organization as another tool in increasing its control, manipulation and domination over the blindfolded laity sheep, a "perfect book" deception utilized by other false religions as well including but not limited to Islam.

I had hoped to have a mutually respectful dialogue about the topic of the non-100% God breathed bible of the institutionalized religious system, explaining the many specifics of why i don't believe it's what institutionalized religion proclaims it to be etc, with other individuals peaceably defending why they believe it is what the religious system proclaims it to be, etc, but apparently your emotions got in the way and you felt the need to initiate hostilities including angry personal attacks. If you are done initiating these hostilities, i have no further need to respond to them.

If you choose for this to be a final good bye and to part as enemies over differing doctrinal opinions that a more mature individual would have been able to disagree over amicably, without initiating personal attacks and without destroying a relationship, this is certainly your choice. Since you are unable to dialogue in a civil and mutually respectful manner in areas where there are differing opinions pertaining to what God's truth actually consists of, freedom from your personal hostilities and aggressions would certainly be a most welcome relief. More than likely you will make it into Heaven in spite of it all and i'm sure you will be feeling far less hostility when we meet there and that you will be seeing with far greater clarity. God bless you, Ed.

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