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Brief Summary For The Posts Above
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Published: 14 years ago
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Brief Summary For The Posts Above

Brief Summary For The Posts Above

First of all, thank you for all the generous supports given so far to all the posts made in this website.

Acupuncture has been well-known throughout the generations to be especially effective in treating a variety of sicknesses, particularly the ones caused by bodily chemical imbalances (especially the ones caused by disruptions to the neurotransmitter chemicals) knowingly through stimulation of release of endorphin (a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic) in the process of administering such a therapy to restore the 'ying yang' / bodily chemical balances of the nervous system.

Actually by making those posts in this website, I'm just trying to tell something about my healing experience from the (Risperdal) / Tardive Dyskinesia / medication-induced non-stop rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking (countless times in a split second and it eventually causes me to lose my job) to the intended readers who are still suffering from such 'visually-incapacitating' sickness, especially as a result of the neurological movement disorders muscle spasms side effects of medications.

By the way, as to the suggested alternative instrument-aided self-administered acupuncture cure mentioned in one of the posts above (which is naturally free-of-charge) especially for such chronic medication-induced rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking, it is exactly the technique that the relevant acupuncturist attending to my eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking sickness has instructed to me (because I feel annoyed with such needle-piercing therapy) and exercising that technique consistently actually get my sickness gradually and totally cured in the end.

Next, I have spent quite a couple of years (ever since I get totally cured a few years back) recommending this suggested self-administered acupuncture technique both in my real life and through emails (from those seeking helps from me) to the numerous other individuals suffering from the similar chronic rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking sickness like what I have gone through before, and apart from the ones that I have witnessed in person, most of them (including the ones seeking helps from me through emails) in turn would tend to give almost immediate positive feedbacks about the effectiveness of this acupuncture techinque in dealing with their like-sickness. In this regard, a majority of them have actually got their like-sickness totally cured once and for all.

In connection, the post entitled 'Primary Vs Secondary Blepharospasm / Brain-damage-induced Vs Non-brain-damage-induced Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking' is actually something about my recent research about this Blepharospasm sickness and I hope that by contributing this article to the others, it will somehow help the intended readers to get at least some general ideas and basic understandings about neurology studies, mechanisms and operations.

Lastly, for a further follow-up about my healing experience from such Tardive Dyskinesia / medication-induced involuntary uncontrollable purposeless rapid non-stop eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking sickness, please refer to the weblink below :

and I hope that the information given will be useful to the intended readers. Thank you.

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