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The Sorry Plight of the Chronic Eyelid-twitchers / Eye-blinkers - Our Experiences
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Published: 14 years ago
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The Sorry Plight of the Chronic Eyelid-twitchers / Eye-blinkers - Our Experiences

'Actually by the time I got this abnormally Tardive Dyskinesia / medication-induced rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking of countless times in a split second (which is one of its symptoms), the feeling was sort of like I was plunged into a situation between blindness and non-blindness in the sense that I could just vaguely ‘visualize’ the surroundings around me while my eyes were blinking, but getting unable to do anything else, even simple reading, watching tv in a ‘satisfactory’ way, and of course, I totally needed to refrain myself from driving (otherwise I would certainly bump the others or get bumped).

And given the fact that my eyes were just ‘blinking rapidly’ and I did not actually get totally ‘blind’ because of any actual damages to the eyes, I always simply found myself caught in a dilemna in between the options of reconciling myself with such an ‘eye disability’ (such as what the others around me had always advised me to do) and doing something medically effective to deal with it to bring my life back to the former usual days before I got this ‘eye sickness.

To be really frank with you, i just couldn’t help myself most of the times but to have suicidal tendencies each time when I locked myself up in my own room (with the lights all off) and kept on thinking about my hopelessly handicapped situation that denied me from doing actually anything, even all the very basic daily routines. And I also tended to avoid seeing anyone else (so as to avoid all sorts of embarrassments and feelings of inferiority complex on my part associated with my ‘visually incapacitating’ abnormalities in front of other people). So, can you just imagine the pains I had gone through during such an abnormally ‘eye-blinking period ? ‘

Let me just tell you something, each time me and the others having the similar symptoms get exposed to ‘strong lightings’ of any kind, we would just tend to shed tears uncontrollably apart from just blinking our eyes rapidly whilst at the same time, will get our eyes overstrained - that’s simply one of the obvious symptoms of photophobia associated with rapid eyelid- twitching / eye-blinking. And the same thing will happen when we overstrain our rapidly blinking eyes reading something else such as newspaper articles.

So, may I ask you a question, can you find any pleasures seeing a movie, working with a pc or reading a novel with a pair of tearing and rapidly blinking eyes which would uncontrollably and involuntarily get more and more overstrained (and hence just makes you shed even more tears and blink your eyes more and more rapidly) as you keep on watching the movies / doing the reading ?'

By making the quotations above, I just want to tell you that these are also the similar complaints that tend to be repeated over and over again by the ones both in my real life and those seeking helps from me through emails for their chronic eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking problems (especially the medication-induced ones).

So, when the medications with harmful side effects are getting unscrupulously manipulated and exploited by certain individuals like the consciencelessly avaricious drug manufacturers, expensive private medical center owners, unethical medical personnel etc for their profit-making financial and commercial pursuits, what would be the actual underlying curative values of these medications then under such a circumstance ?

Or put it bluntly, is it justified and warranted to just get such medications labelled as ‘mere poisons’ under such a scenario ?

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