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Re: Human Values & Moral Principles Vs Law of The Jungle - Follow-up
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Human Values & Moral Principles Vs Law of The Jungle - Follow-up

Pseudoscience About Psychiatric Reasoning & Biased Psychological Concepts - The Unquestioned License Fully Justifying Any Deliberate Maltreatment, Brutalities & Physical Violence Against The Cognitively Impaired Ones ?

In regard to the Title above, please refer to the excerpts as follows :

[quote]"In the meantime, saddeningly and pathetically, all these generally biased & unknowingly distorted justifications and the so-called "rule-of-the-thumb valid reasoning" would always tend to end up as the tacitly approved "license" for all these deliberate & unnecessary cruelties, brutalities, abuses and all sorts of maltreatment to be inflicted gratuitously onto the mentally-ill people who are unable to defend themselves at all, and well, in such sinister ways that are totally & implicitly acquiesced & condoned without any questions getting asked at all. whilst in certain cases, under the "conceptual framework" of these seemingly plausible and yet generally misleading "justifications", such unnecessary and gratuitous cruelties and violence are even welcomed and exalted as "effective and fully acceptable, rationally reasonable means, or rather the so-called best course of actions / "don't-need -to- be-questioned legitimate violence" against all the mentally-ills". And well, that is certainly, undisputedly & undeniably something very much saddening on both humanity and humanitarian grounds."[/quote]

As such, that's definitely a key point to be seriously pondered over here in that, the seemingly plausible and yet totally misleading rhetorical reasoning and "justifications" based solely on nothing but pseudoscience alone rather than individually respective and specific hard facts and details under different scenarios, cases & circumstances actually invariably and indiscriminately & irreversibly seal the ill & pitiful fates of all the mentally-ills and the cognitively incapacitated, declining and disabled people so as to indiscriminately predetermine their misfortunes under most of the circumstances so as to indiscriminately and "legally" put them at the mercy of the "personnel" handling their daily lives, particularly the ones with sadistic tendencies who tend and get to freely brutalize these pitiful group of people with full and unquestioned impunity solely for their personal sadistic, perverse and deviant pleasures, amusements and enjoyments ?[/quote]

Whilst one of the most explicit like-examples would be the old, senile and fragile old folks getting unnecessarily and physically abused, maltreated and brutalized in most of the nursery homes, due solely to their defenselessness caused by their declining cognitive abilities.[/quote]

for further information,please refer to :


In the meantime, in regard of the antipsychotics / neuroleptics as shown through the weblink above, it’s very much worth to take a special note that such dopamine antagonists medications actually, invariably and inevitably all carry such seriously irreversible cognitively-damaging neurological and neuro-degenerative side effects of Extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS)  that include such disastrously while irreversibly serious, and yet cognitive-impairing and miscellaneous movements disorders as akinesia  , Tardive dyskinesia  , akathisia  , acute dystonic reactions,   neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), and in the worst case scenario,  the seriously incurable neuro-degenerative disorder of  pseudoparkinsonism.


And these neurological & neuro-degenerative disorders would usually manifest disastrously and yet irreversibly onto the ones who either overly rely upon them to the point of sheer abuses or have simply taken such medications over the very long-term.


Whilst in connection to the remarks made in this particular post, it is again very much worthy to take note that in the case of certain people who, as a matter of fact, do not require the unnecessary intakes of such neurologically and neuro-degenerative dopamine antagonists medications at all, well, they would nevertheless seem to always get to helplessly suffer all these misfortunes of getting all the serious disorders of Extrapyramidal symptoms as mentioned  above that simply get  to befall upon them particularly when they are  peremptorily , indiscriminately & forcibly drugged from time to time by the related “medical personnel” such as the ones mentioned in this post who would simply keep on “ feeding” them with such dopamine antagonists medications indiscriminately and totally thoughtlessly without considering  the necessities of doing so at all, and in all cases & scenarios, simply do not even have  the slightest knowledge about the potentially disastrous and all the irreversibly neurological & neuro-degenerative side effects carried by these dopamine antagonists medications as mentioned above.


In short, invariably the welfares, health cares, well-beings of these cognitively impaired ones would simply mean nothing at all to these “medical personnel’ almost in all cases.




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