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Behavioural / Personality Changes / Reactions / Actions / Responses
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Published: 12 years ago
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Behavioural / Personality Changes / Reactions / Actions / Responses

Mental Disorders / Cognitive Behavioural Process - Perceptions => Feelings => Thoughts => Behavioural / Personality Changes / Reactions / Actions / Responses

Actually, given the underlying fact that mental disorders are actually something that arise from such psychological and cognitive factors of how one perceives one's surroundings etc, the feelings they have in response to those perceptions, then the various thoughts they form in their minds based on such perceptions and feelings for anything they perceive, and finally, how they choose to react to such perceptions, feelings and thoughts, they are thus very much different from the other physiological / bodily / metabolism-related somatic diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, kidney failures etc.

In short, mental illnesses which are defined by one's behavioural / personality changes, appropriateness of their behaviours, personalities, actions, reactions, responses as perceived and judged by the others, who in turn would label them as a variety of related mental disorder symptoms, they are actually caused by the various negative, abnormal, preposterous thoughts and various urges which are formed in one's mind in response to what they see, sense and feel about their surroundings etc.

As such, in addition to the medicational efforts put in to bring the hardly controllable symptoms of mental disorders such as deep feelings of depressions, nervous breakdown, violent emotional outbursts etc effectively under control temporarily throughout the effective period of each dosage of the medications, such non-medicational efforts of psychotherapy, seeking emotional and psychological comforts as well as interactive, interpersonal, communication supports from the ones close to such people would also be quite indispensable in dealing with various mental disorders.

Apart from that, given that negative behavioural changes caused by mental disorders are actually caused by such negative feelings and negative thoughts formed by negative sensory perceptions of anything around one's surroundings, one should thus try to control oneself when coming across and dealing with all those scenarios so as to try one's best not to have too strong emotional attachment / feelings for all those negative surroundings etc as well as try not to over-react to them. In short, one should apply one's reasonable senses and judgements and rationalities when dealing with anything unpleasant to them.

Theorectically, since one's reactions / responses / behaviourial changes actually arise from one's thoughts, such negative / socially undesirable and unacceptable reactions / responses / behavioural changes would thus not occur at all if one could choose to ignore all those unpleasant phenomena totally so as not to form any negative thoughts in their minds at all, and then, one's mind would stay completely calm, placid, totally undisturbed and not influenced at all by anything distasteful and unpleasant happening to / around them. In short, when no negative thoughts are formed, then no negative actions / reactions / responses would be initiated at all. However, that would sound to be easier said than done and a great deal of patience and perseverance would surely be necessary to achieve that.

As a summary,

I'm suggesting the following as a solution to mental disorders :

1/3 of medicational helps + 1/3 of psychotherapies, interactive, interpersonal, emotional, communication, conselling supports from the others + 1/3 of self-determinations, self-initiatives, self-controls, self-wills and self-disciplines to think positively, rationally, realistically and practically as well as to lead a normal and healthy life

These are actually the advices I have obtained from many neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists as well as the very conclusions I have experienced myself.

Next, I must admit that it's quite arbitrary for me to do so in the first place. However, given the fact that there are more and more people nowadays, especially the ones having the mental disorders who would tend to rely heavlily, and if not completely, but at the same time, rather ignorantly upon medications as their sole and only means of dealing with their mental disorders, hence, by assigning the numerical proportion of '1/3' to each of those 3 variables for that 'equation' I'm just trying to convey a message to the intended readers that such factors as external psychotherapies, interactive / interpersonal, emotional / moral supports from the others as well as self-controls / self-efforts to think positively, they are just fairly as important as the medications when it comes to dealing with mental disorders.

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