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Botox and Surgical Solutions For Chronic Blepharospasm ? Are they reasonably really sensible, rational and practical under most of the circumstances ?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Botox and Surgical Solutions For Chronic Blepharospasm ? Are they reasonably really sensible, rational and practical under most of the circumstances ?

"When Botox and medications don’t work, surgery to make the eye stop twitching, called myectomy, removes some of the muscles around the eye. This can be effective but is usually only used as a last resort. Physicians try Botox and medications first before recommending surgery."


With all due respects, these suggested solutions of Botox injections and Surgery for chronic Blepharospasm are either too costly and troblesome in terms of Botox (for its "necessary" and perpetually continual periodical injections of 3 - 6 months each for the rest of one's life) and too complicated and risky in terms of surgery. At the same time, I firmly believe that the rest and many others would be able to reasonably see through these points. 


Whilst frankly, sensibly and rationally speaking, all in all, under any circumstances, I firmly and reasonably believe that for any patients / people seeking treatments for any of their illnesses, especially the desperate ones, I reckon that they would certainly and immediately choose and want the best and most effective treatments available for they themselves under any circumstances and situations. Anyhow, for anyone seeking treatments for their disorders / illnesses, their sole and only purpose would be naturally to get their illnesses and disorders totally cured, and preferably, once-and-for-all without any leftover sequela /unfavourable / undesirable contingencies, or rather, recurrences and relapses of the related disorders / illnesses.


Next, please consider the excerpts as follows quoted from one of my prior posts :


"For your further information, for the majority of people seeking helps from me for their Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders, they mostly get such disorders from the negatively disastrous neuromuscular side effects of the related medications with strong neurological side effects that disrupt the normal functionings of the synaptic activities of the neurotransmitters chemicals dopamine of their eye nerves, thus causing all the abnormally rapid eyelid twitchings / eye blinkings. In such a connection, since the neurotransmitters chemicals produced by the nerve cells / neurons are totally transparent while their eye nerves / brain cells (which are tangible, and hence observable to such medical devices / examinations) remain undamaged, the MRI / CT-scannings would thus not be able to show and detect anything abnormal and unusual at all for their Blepharospasm / chronic eye blinking / eyelid twitching disorders, and then almost in all cases, their Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twithcing / eye blinking disorders would then be labelled "accordingly" as "undiagnosable" / "unexplainable" by the related mainstream medical personnel, and then they are suggested to get surgery / perpetually continual Botox injections to deal with such chronic neuromuscular and visually-incapacitating disorders. Whilst in this case, my suggested totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure method would work effectively in such scenarios. As such, please refer to : (A New Version For The Self-administered, Totally Needle-free, Totally Free-of-Charge, Simple, Painless & Harmless Acupuncture / Acupressure Cure For Non-stop Persistent Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking)"


"Unfortunately, though this suggested acupuncture / acupressure technique / method could overcome the particular limitation to deal directly with and remedy the disrupted synaptic activities of the neurotransmitters chemicals dopamine (produced / secreted by nerves and brain cells) to restore their proper functionings, and hence deliver the expected and desirable therapeutical results effectively and obviously, it nevertheless could hardly produce anything curatively effective to deal with the eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders caused by damaged / destroyed nerves and brain cells due to the very fact that nerves and brain cells cannot regenerate themselves once they are seriously damaged / totally destroyed (that is also the main reason why 100 % complete cure(s) for parkinsonism, dementia, alzheimer etc are still not discovered, found, invented until now) .

Whilst franly speaking, the actual cases of failures of this suggested needle-free acupuncture / acupressure technique / method would often occur and happen among tender-aged small kids / children and senile & fragile old people whose nerves are seriously damaged / destroyed rather than "midly disturbed" as described above about the synaptic activities of the neurotransmitters, almost immediately after taking the related "nerve-disrupting" medications .

As such, given that honesty is the best policy whilst these posts are made purely for charity purposes and mainly on humanitarian grounds as well as given the very fact that this suggested needle-free acupuncture technique / method could hardly deliver any practical cures to help these pitiful kids / children (along with their deeply regretful & heart-broken parents) and senile & fragile old people whose eyes-related nerves have been seriously damaged / destroyed by the strong neurological / neuromuscular side effects of the related medications shortly after taking them, these are especially the key reasons why I have no other choices but to choose to tell such veracious and unvarnished truths and made the related posts as elaborated above to advise and warn about the highly and potentially nerve-damaging side effects / outcomes of such related "nerve-disrupting" medications that would definitely be a matter of serious concern to the tender-aged kids / children whose immune systems are far less-developed compared to the grown adults and the senile & fragile old people whose immune systems are seriously deteriorating, especially when they are unknowingly exposed to such related medications, so as to create a greater level of awareness so that the indispensably necessary medical precautions will be taken to safeguard the medical welfares and well-beings of these 2 groups of persons who are far more vulnerable and susceptible to the potentially disastrous neuromuscular and neurological side effects of the related medications.

In short, these so-called "nerve-disrupting" side effects of such related medications (applicable to the fully grown adults) may just turn out to be / produce nerve-damaging outcomes for these tender-aged kids / children & senile and fragile old people after they take such related medications. Whilst the subsequent consequences are definitely unthinkable once such undesirable and unexpected nerve-damaging scenarios just occur and manifest all of a sudden.

Whilst the other limitations of this suggested needle-free acupuncture technique / method would actually occur under unusually rare and uncommon circumstances that could generally be summarised as follows : -

A ) It could hardly deal with genetical / congenital eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders that are present at births, such as the one caused by Tourette syndrome etc.

B ) The "He Gu" acupoint maybe is not applicable to the the particular eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders caused by other reasons such as the ones manifest as one of the symptoms of damaged bodily organs etc. However, unlike the medication-induced eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders caused by disruptions to the synaptic activities of the neurotransmitters chemical dopamine which are unobservable and then "declared accordingly" as "undiagnosable" by any medical examinations like MRI / CT-scannings etc such as the reasonings elaborated in the prior posts above, such other causes are usually detectable, observable and diagnosable through various medical scrutinies and examinations. And hence, appropriate medical treatments can be adminstered to deal with the related eye disorders under such circumstances."

quoted from :


Hence, I reasonably believe that the many others would rationally, practically and sensibly concur and agree that, such costly, troublesome and perpetually continual Botox injections and the complicatedly and highly risky surgical solutions for chronic Blepharospasm should reasonably only be considered, deemed and treated as and to be the very last and "choiceless" resorts when all other ordinary solutions from mainstream western medications and alternative medicines have fully been futily exhausted such as the saddeningly desperate and despaired real-life scenarios and phenomena as described and elaborated in the excerpts mentioned above.



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