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Image Embedded He Gu Acupuncture Point - Left or Right Hand ? Does That Matter
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Published: 15 years ago
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He Gu Acupuncture Point - Left or Right Hand ? Does That Matter

Further Details About The Suggested Needle-free Self-administered Free-of-Charge Acupuncture Technique For Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking : "He Gu" Acupuncture Point - Left or Right Hand ? Does That Matter ?

Well, as far as acupuncture treatment is concerned, the nerves of our bodies especially the ones closely adjacent to each other, would tend to interwind, overlap and interconnect among one another. Whilst the 1.5 cm and its location on the wrist as portrayed in the diagram added in my prior post above for the 'He Gu' acupuncture point is actually a standard measure for the size of the hands of the average grown adults.

Next, applying blunt-pointed instrument-aided pressings upon it (or any points around that 'He Gu' acupuncture point area - please refer to the diagram added below) will actually generate direct stimulations to the other nerves surrounding that pressed point around the wrist area as well, and subsequently, produce a reflexology stimulus / 'qi' that will flow / travel right up to the 'final destinations' (please refer to the medical references weblink added below), which are the peripheral nerves attached to the muscles of the entire face, especially the eyelids to generate the desired healing effects to the intended areas by gradually restoring their bodily chemical balances. In my case and the others, that acupuncture technique actually serves to gradually and eventually drive out the risperdal toxins / other related contaminating substances that disrupt the normal functioning of the dopamine neurotransmitters chemicals of the neurons / nerve cells around our eyelid muscles and cause all those rapid unwanted eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking, totally out of our bodies and enable us to get totally cured once and for all in the end.

Therefore, both the "He Gu" acupuncture points on both left and right hands would basically serve the similar purposes in this case.

Diagram of The 'He Gu' Acupuncture Point :

Medical References For The 'He Gu' Acupuncture Point :

In addition,

honestly speaking, applying that acupuncture technique on the "He Gu" acupuncture point of both left and right hands (alternately of course) may double the curative effects. However, the application of the acupuncture technique on the left hand side of the "He Gu" acupuncture point (compared to the recommended right-hand-side) is strongly recommended to be done under 2 circumstances :

1 ) One's Blepharospasm condition is really chronic and has been lasting for a couple of years (such as over a year) - and as such, applying the suggested acupuncture technique on the "He Gu" acupuncture point of both left and right hands (alternately) may naturally be necessary in this case.

2 ) The "He Gu" acupuncture point on the righ hand (which me and the numerous others suffering from the like-illness have been exercising extensively due to its much larger curative effects) has been skin-worn, and hence needs some time for its recovery. So, the left-hand "He Gu" acupuncture point will serve as a replacement in this case.

And again for your information, during the time me and the others are suffering from such Blepharospasm disorder, we apply the acupuncture technique on the right hand of the "He Gu' Acupuncture point most of the time due to its larger curative effects (based on empirical observations).

Additional Information From Q & A sessions about Blepharospasm / Hemifacial Spasms : top_Eyelid_twitching___My_Healing_Experience_tref7 14833.html

Brief And Basic Medical Explanations About Blepharospasm / Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking :,4243

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